Balanced Mind Is Advanced Mind

The path towards clearing your mind follows a similar pattern as any new, exciting undertaking. You’ve had a blind spot all your life to any new things you are learning, so these new breakthroughs are surprising, exciting, stimulating and unusual to you. When you learn a new skill, in the beginning there are many ‘aha’ moments, breakthroughs small and large, that are thrilling. You bask in the learning, you want to talk about it with like-minded people, you want to introduce others to what you’re just now finding out, because it is so cool, seductive, wonderful, life-changing. New relationships begin with these feelings too, as does travel to new and exotic places, new jobs, new hobbies, new ways of thinking, new lifestyles.

Swiss Chard

Like this grasshopper among Swiss Chard, as a novice you find yourself among the exciting bright colors, seeking the ‘highs’ in spiritual and mind practice. Those exciting feelings are part of what keep you going, in your early stages.

Eventually you have experienced enough of this newness, become familiar enough with it, that the newness wears off. The same, or even more exciting things happen, and they no longer stimulate your senses the way they did in the beginning, when your senses were so wide open and touched by the new and unusual. Some people become bored at this stage, or, worse, keep trying to recreate that old excitement… but you can never quite scratch that itch again. The newness is gone. What replaces it?

Some of us stop searching for the newness, become jaded and disappointed, and try to get back that old feeling doing the same things that once triggered it. Some stop wanting that feeling and are just satisfied with the memory, figuring we’ve lost the ability for that wonderful newness feeling. A few of us understand the evolution, accept it, become nourished by it in a more steady, but less exciting, way.

At the beginning of your search into clarity, spirituality, wisdom, self-awareness, new understandings are special, they taste like chocolate (or any special treat): they are exciting, freeing, surprising, seductive. This has been a blind spot your whole life, and when you start opening and clearing your mind, new thoughts and awareness can knock you off your feet, take your breath away. This is almost necessary; you could say it’s your inner system’s way of making you feel so enticed, so interested, so excited and desirous of more, that these succulent breakthroughs make you want to keep going, and keep going deeper, keep persevering. It’s hard sometimes (or often), but the breakthroughs can be so powerful, so soul-shaking, that they entice you to keep going and going.

Hot Chili Peppers

Sudden leaps in awareness, sudden ‘spiritual happenings’ within you, feel intoxicating, like a fiery hot pepper thrown in beside the drabness.

At this stage, it’s all so new and wondrous, that you naturally want to share this feeling around, want to tell how wonderful it is, how it’s changing your life and improving your mind. It’s almost stinky, ha ha, watching people go through this stage, and remembering how I was during this stage also. Wanting to find other like-minded practitioners, wanting to write all about it, especially wanting to talk about it to others who hadn’t yet started any formal effort into expanding, clearing their minds. You want to get them started, too! At this stage, clarity has not yet arisen. The experience is all about the excitement, the newness, the seduction and addiction of these newfound wonderful things. You’re so caught up in your own new experience, you’re almost delusional in gushing it out to anyone and everyone, thinking the power and wonder of your experience must surely impress, interest, or overwhelm them also, into wanting it for themselves.

It’s quite a paradox that in our early stages of clearing our minds and opening to deeper self-awareness, we become so caught up in the intoxication of the exciting new feelings and breakthroughs that it blinds us and adds yet another hurdle to finding true clarity.

But as the months and years go by, and we become more adept, mature along this path of inner growth, the benefits and breakthroughs evolve past being occasional wondrous happenings, and into becoming the normal, everyday, even keel of existence. The ‘highs’ become less important, even actually annoying and interfering with our efforts to strengthen our groundedness and equilibrium. Being constantly open, having a harmonious clarity, living with effortless groundedness, entering all new events with clear mind and being free of filters and judgement, you have ‘loosened’ or ‘dissolved’ the hard parts of your mind that used to be closed; so, how could there be ‘breakthroughs’?

When you are closed in any way, blind to things, then anything that breaks through that closed sphere, that blindness, is a little shock, a little earthquake that cracks apart your old understanding, and as such the new reveal can seem like a wondrous, shocking thing. But when you evolve into an open mind, each moment of each day… there’s nothing closed about you that can be shocked open. So you lose the revelatory feeling of breakthroughs, accomplishments, you lose those highs, lose those initial magical addictive feelings of newness.

Cherry Tomatoes

As your mind practice deepens, it ripens to a balanced maturity. No longer young and green, running this way and that way, you’ve gone through a steady upward progression from young to mature.

And this is appropriate. It is a great sign. It is only your old, unclear thoughts and personality that might still nudge you to look for the euphoria, those wonderful initial feelings of power and clarity during the beginnings of your new path. Now, leaving those desires for highs behind, you are open all the time. Wondrous all the time. There are no spikes and lows… you have elevated your clarity and self awareness. It is always up on the ridge, always high up, so you no longer feel the difference between being low and then suddenly high. It doesn’t matter whether you share it or not, whether others understand it or not; it’s simply the new you, you have become a new ‘normal’, and this normal is open, clear, self-aware all the time.

There are no longer occasional highs of euphoric breakthroughs; that is for the kindergarten and lower-school stages of clearing your mind. When you become adept with being open and clear, when you attain adulthood along this path, the seductive, addictive candy of ‘new breakthroughs’ disappears, and then the daily nourishment of normal food begins to taste so good! The person who felt low, closed, and needed the highs to keep motivating them, has dissolved off, and within you has sprouted a person of such immense openness, clarity, and strength, that breakthroughs and highs cease to mean anything new; there’s no boundary to break through, there’s no down-ness to rise above.

What used to be unusual treats, have become the daily normal balance, and this balance becomes more appreciated than any of the old highs used to be. That is a mature, evolved, wonderful part of becoming clear, once you understand it and cease trying for those old highs.


Pumpkin Skin

A mature inner mind is grounded, steady, powerful. But it is also luminous, lit from within, colorful, exciting in its balance. Younger, green minds circle around and learn stability, learn this inner light, through being near a luminous mind.

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  • delphine says:

    I think am at the excitement stage.
    and oh yes, trying to let everyone know this-( not even close, as you wld put it); but everyone I know, precisely.

    am gonna stop.
    seems childish- thriving in highs….

    this journey is indeed a long one.
    maybe to last a lifetime.

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