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Find Healthy Releases

I was sitting outside in the hot tub tonight, up in these hills away from town, dark outside and the snow falling all around. This is a place I house sit each winter, and the hot tub is where I sit when I need to think something out. It is private, quiet, and has a […]

Merge Your Lives

Our dreams, passions, the purpose we want to fulfill, are usually very difficult to discover, and even more difficult to accomplish. Depending on the complexity, difficulty, competition, training needed, it can take years, decades to succeed. During this striving for what we really want, something else happens to most of us: we rely on other […]

Notice Your Clarity

We have countless daily moments where we transition out of ‘just operating’ and return to clarity. The first time I actually noticed this was a very benign moment, nothing spectacular: I was walking along the sidewalk of a mildly busy downtown street. I was in my ‘operating’ mind as we so often are, which means […]

True Serenity

Do you want true serenity, some measure of peacefulness inside yourself? Finding a cave in the mountains, to sit and meditate, be clear, be alone, sounds so romantic, so spiritual… yet this is not serenity. There is discomfort. Aching body from hard ground. Mosquitoes. Starvation. Cold weather, hot weather. No toothbrush, no shower. Loneliness. Boredom. […]

Back To Humanity

I have been house sitting different places for over fifteen years. Most of the people I sit for have been great with, for example, their return dates. Occasionally in my earlier years, before I began telling people to always let me know if they are returning early, someone would return early without telling me of […]

Break Apart Into Patience

Impatience can surf along over dozens or hundreds of events all day long, and the more you are busy and multitasking, the more situations there are for impatience to arise. You accomplish one thing that you were impatient about accomplishing, and now that it’s done there is the next thing to be impatient about. This […]

No More Topic Surfing

Have you ever been listening to someone talk, and after awhile your brain tightens up and closes off, you realize you can’t follow what they’re saying anymore because they’ve completely lost your understanding or your train of thought? They started out telling a story or making a point, then they seemed to swerve into a […]

Listen With No Filter

Listening is an advanced art, a matured skill. How often through your life has someone said ‘You can tell me anything’? Have you ever said this yourself? Most importantly: is it true? Is it true you can tell that person ‘anything’, is it true someone can tell you anything? No. We say that phrase to […]

There Is No Laziness

Laziness has become an overused catch-all word for a variety of human traits and behaviors. We talk lazy, using a mishmash of grammar and words we’re not particularly educated on. We talk about ideas we haven’t really thought out. We are too lazy to do chores at times. We are too lazy to work, or […]

Think Into Clear Copy

The first time I understood the power of this tool was at a time when I needed it most. It was the beginning of my life changes, at a point where I had to make changes… but I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know who to ask, didn’t have the courage or clarity to […]