Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself

Have mercy on yourself

Be gentle on yourself.


  • Shelly says:

    Im in a really tough place in my life. I have 2 kids that i raised alone. A business that i have worked so hard to build and o feel like its all falling apart. I fight every day to keep things going but i feel like i dont have the strength to keep going. In a way i know its all temporary and i will work my hardest to put things back on track. I feel tired and that my confidence is at an all time low.

  • Mel says:

    I just need to know if there are any real people out there anymore??
    I am devastated..

    I’m really needing someone to give me clarity that life hasn’t given up on me…

  • Simone says:

    Around November, I failed an important test for my future by just one point. the test was $150 and I cannot further my education without passing it first. Not only that, but it is possible if I fail it again, it could effect my career in the future. Ever since I had taken it the first time, I have been in a slump, and feel very guilty and unworthy. I put it off so i could finish school, but I’m afraid to try again, in fear that I will disappoint the people around me.

  • Ruben says:

    After marriage I feel that I have done something wrong . My family and friends are no more like before . I think they are unhappy with my married life . I feel less confident now than before marriage . All my hopes are turning to close door. I had an accident and am lying in bed . I am in debth and no one is there to help me . What to do I don’t know. Plz help me.

    • Bannen says:

      Do you think they are unhappy with you ‘being married’… or are they unhappy with the PERSON you chose to marry? But the more important question is: are YOU happy, or unhappy, with the person you chose to marry? And it’s never just one thing; what are some of the other details contributing to your doubts and unhappiness? I have emailed you, Ruben.

  • Ava says:

    Hey… I’m pretty depressed and angry because of what has happened to me and what i’ve done to others recently and before. I feel like I was the worst kid alive, I tell my closest friends even that i’ve forgiven myself but I never have. It just continues to bottle up inside me. I lash out at my friends, my family, even my girlfriend… I desperately need help so I can change before I loose everyone I care about…

  • Liz says:

    I feel trapped inside a prison of anxiety and sadness because of a recently traumatic event. I’ve experienced so many bad things before I just didn’t think it could get any worse. Now I feel like a hollow shell of myself. Reading all of this is the first time I’ve had hope in a while.

  • Josh says:

    Daily i remind myself of all my failures, partly because since middle school all I’ve done is get worse.
    I feel like no one wants me, no one needs me. I hate myself because I only see myself as a failure. Everything good in my life has been destroyed by my own hands, yet I cannot stop.

  • Debra says:

    I am in despair. I am trying to overcome life long depression and anxiety. I have been on multiple medications that only mask the pain, so I recently weaned off them. I am at rock bottom. Please help. I feel encouraged by your words

    • Bannen says:

      Hi Debra; depression and anxiety are symptoms of something happening that is deeper in your mind. And since you say ‘lifelong’, I expect those causal happenings began early. Let’s talk about that. I have emailed you.

  • Larry says:

    This reading so far I want to believe is helping me.
    I will read all the way through and see where I am.

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