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Spit The Hook

I was sitting in a coffee shop years ago, wanting solitude to think. Enjoying the view, sipping my tea. All of a sudden, this man I’d never seen before was hovering over me, leaning over the table into my face, saying something like, “So what do you think is the best way to help starving […]

You Are Your Only Guide

When life becomes difficult, our minds become confused and unclear, uncomfortable and even terrified, and we seek some guidance, some answers to our questions about what is happening, why it is happening, and what we can do to ease our turmoil. This happens to us during the most extreme of circumstances when we’re feeling tortured […]

Let ‘It’ Make You

I was living for awhile with the father of a good friend. In a three year period he’d lost his wife to drowning, his daughter (my friend) to illness, then his aged mother. The three women in his life gone, one after the other, and this was the kind of man, very smart in an […]

Give Back Your Borrowed Mind

Are you still using the mind you were taught to have… or have you found your own? I remember years ago on one of my birthdays, my Dad opened his arms, said, “Happy Birthday, Bo (my family nickname)”, and stepped in to hug me. I put my hand on his chest and gently kept him […]

Allow Secrets

A healthy relationship allows secrets. Even insists on them, as it insists on some privacy and aloneness when needed. There is a part of each of us that will live, and thrive, on keeping some things to ourselves, sharing with some but not with others, even keeping some things from loved ones. Some secrets were […]

Go Into Nothingness

What we know, and what CAN be known by us, are universes apart. What we know, can be encapsulated inside a sphere of knowledge: the total of all we have learned academically, plus all we have learned through experiencing. At some point along our growing lives, we did create a ‘capsule’. We learned enough to […]

Clarity Is Home

Each and every thing is looking for its own unobstructed pathway, according to what it is. Everything wants to be what it is, show what it is, move and live according to what it is. If you toss a ball down a hill, the ball will follow this most basic of basic laws of the […]

Debrief Yourself

A mildly violent event happened near me last night later in the evening: I heard a vehicle keep starting then screeching to a sudden stop, starting and stopping, as it came up the street, and it finally came to a stop and parked right across the street from where I’m staying. I went out on […]

Think Less, Experience More

I used to hitch hike a lot. Hitch hiking was my main – and preferred – mode of transportation, for many years. I stopped counting my hitch hiking miles at 20,000, back in 1996, though I kept hitching for years after that. I hitch hiked across Canada, in the States, in Mexico, and I’d go […]

Balanced Mind Is Advanced Mind

The path towards clearing your mind follows a similar pattern as any new, exciting undertaking. You’ve had a blind spot all your life to any new things you are learning, so these new breakthroughs are surprising, exciting, stimulating and unusual to you. When you learn a new skill, in the beginning there are many ‘aha’ […]