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Thank you for visiting my website. You’ve typed in ‘help me please’, which means you’ve gone beyond searching for a specific type of help, and your circumstances have overwhelmed you into making a single deep call for help.

I will try to offer sincere help throughout this site, and for free. There will be no advice here, nothing to buy, no exercises or tests to take, no new things for you to ‘believe’ or ‘follow’; what I offer you is options, enough options to maybe help disassemble some parts of your problems, hopefully show you a spark of light.

Please read the following short introductions to the three kinds of help I offer here, and then start exploring whichever seems to meet your need most authentically.

Introduction: The Course1. THE COURSE
There are always options you have not thought about. Even the wisest, most intelligent and resourceful mind cannot think of every option. Often a life-saving option is literally right in front of you, even within you, and because you are in such a dire state you’re not able to see it clearly.

A magical fact is that there are options that can help everyone. There are actually generic options that you can apply to help cope with, make less painful, or solve (if they can be ‘solved’) your problems. I have heard so many people say “I’ve tried EVERYTHING!”, and “Nothing works, no one can help me!”, and “I don’t know what to do!”.

You think you’ve tried everything? You haven’t even come close to trying everything, and I’ll prove it in The Course. Nothing works? Everything works, you just haven’t opened to it in the right way. You don’t know what to do? You know entirely what to do, you just haven’t been able to look past your pain and fear, and listen properly.

THE COURSE is a shot of adrenaline for you. If you think you’re ‘at the end’, you’ve ‘hit bottom’, you’ve ‘run out of realistic options’, your ‘life is over’… take my course. It is progressive, linear, blows apart your thought that you’ve reached your limit, and gives you many options you hadn’t thought about. Think of it as a ‘primer before you reach out for any other kind of help’.

Remember: my course, like everything on this site, is free. Nothing to buy, nothing to learn, no exercises, no religiousness, no commercial spirituality. You just read it, and it starts to move something inside you. Note that these are not brief website articles; this is a lot of reading, something to immerse yourself in, a book published in web page form. Let’s begin with the Introduction.

Interview: Separating Parents2. THE INTERVIEWS
These are interviews I do with people who have been through things. All kinds of people, from all areas, all ages, and all kinds of life happenings. One of the biggest blind spots of anyone who is suffering, is the feeling that they are alone, that no one understands. But if you are having deep troubles, and you read an interview, or a dozen interviews, with people who are going through similar things, you no longer feel so isolated, and you can learn, be helped, by hearing about how others have coped, even survived and thrived, through circumstances similar to what you are going through.

To read more about these interviews and how I conduct them, please read ‘The Interviews‘ page. Or you can go directly to any category under ‘THE INTERVIEWS’ heading at right, and select an interview whose title resonates with your own circumstances. Note that no interview is just about one thing; a ‘change of life’ interview might talk about some great or tragic event leading to that change; a ‘sexual abuse’ interview might talk about later problems in life resulting from the abuse. I try to loosely categorize each interview, but each one includes wider events.

I will add to these interviews constantly, so please check in at a later date, if you do not see an interview that helps you at the moment.

Free Your Thinking3. THE MIND TOOLS
Usually it is a wide collection of events and decisions that bring you down a road that eventually tightens and bottlenecks into your finally asking ‘help me please’. It is invariably a combination of external happenings, and your reactions and responses to them, that brings you to either success or suffering. This is not a matter of ‘fault’ or blame, of intelligence or strength; the smartest and strongest people can still end up in a place of despair and destitution.

But your mind can evolve into something better; not every difficult circumstance in your life can be thwarted or escaped, however there are thought-tools you can use to better cope with problems, or even to deal with enough parts of a problem so that the whole is reduced in severity and becomes something manageable.

These are a random series of mind tools. Mind tools are just that: thought-tools to help your mind build into a stronger entity. You don’t have to learn any new spiritual words, there are no exercises, you don’t have to learn or remember anything here. Mind tools are simple thoughts that clarify something in your head, help your thought process evolve into something more efficient, healthy, powerful, capable. You just read them, and they start to work.

You can read more about them on ‘The Mind Tools‘ page, or go directly to the Mind Tools category and select one that resonates with you. Each is a powerful tool to help you clear your mind, and clear up your life.

-   -   -

I hope these pages can help you. I won’t send you to any other websites, you can search those out on your own. Every article on this site is written by myself, every link goes to another page within this site only, every interview is conducted by myself and the final version is approved by the person being interviewed, and even the photos are all by me.

My mind is well now. But I have been in that place, of asking HELP ME PLEASE, many times in the past, for many years, and in situations where I did not think I would survive. So I think I can give you realistic and effective options.

And I hope I do that.

Thank you,



  • Hope says:

    Hello, I am 45 years old from UK. My mum past away 2 years ago and my husband just told me that he is going to divorce me for unreasonable behaviour. I feel very unhappy and dont want to live in this world any more, its very cruel. I had a son who dont have anyone else in this world just me. Please help me to go from this world without feeling guilty that I living my son alone. Thank you very much!

  • Sofía says:

    Hi, my name is Sofía. I’m going through stuff right now. My mom is really sick and only I can take care of her, which is really difficult for me since i’m only 13 years old. I tried talking to my friends, but they look at me like I’m just looking for attention and now my whole classroom looks at me like I’m an attention seeker. My grandmother is getting into alcohol again, which affects my grandfather and my mom. I’m also afraid of my mental state; my mom went through chronical depression and my dad (which I have’t seen in years) Is bipolar. I am in need of someone, I can’t do this alone. I’m always absent at school and I feel like my personality isn’t likeable at all, I just have a really raw view of life so everybody thinks I’m “weird” or “a pessimist” or simply “that girl that thinks she knows everything about life”. Please help me, and thank you.

  • Katie says:

    I don’t know what to do any more. I’ve been dealing with depression, anxiety, and ADD and it has screwed up my life so badly that I completely messed up my first year of college. Last semester was bad enough, but this semester is even worse. My GPA for this semester is a 0.5 and I feel like a f***ing failure. I’m always either constantly on the verge of tears or to the point where I feel so numb and I’ve gone beyond the point of not caring to I dont even know what. I’ve been in therapy for quite a while too. Tonight I looked up painless ways to die but I got really scared when I saw the search suggestions. I dont want to die. I just want to not exist. I don’t know what to do any more. I dont even know what I’m asking for help for. I doubt you can help me but I just need to cry out just in case someone answers.

  • sadasd says:

    Hi i don’t have a lot of problems i just feel empty, hate myself nobody likes me everybody is different from me i laugh at things that others don’t like my life is shit i don’t want to live like this i hate everyone and want to stab them Help me

    • Bannen says:

      You feel empty, hate yourself, nobody likes you, your life is shit, you hate everyone and want to stab them, but you say you ‘don’t have a lot of problems’. You have one huge problem: a life and mind that are not working, not healthy. So, let’s get started and see if we can change any of that.

      I’ve emailed you, Sadasd.

  • Saad says:

    Hi, my name is Saad. I need help. A year ago my dad passed away. Though I’ve overcome the grief, I now feel like doing nothing. When I say nothing I literally mean nothing. I wasn’t particularly close to my dad..but seeing how easy it is to lose someone and how easy it to die I feel like doing everything is pointless. I used to be doing great in my studies but now I’m lagging behind. I even had suicidal thoughts some time ago but I know now that I’m too scared to kill myself. I had great ambitions for my life but now I lost sight of it. I want to rid myself of these thoughts as now my mom is the sole provider of the family and she gets worried but I don’t know how. Please help me.

  • Laurie says:

    Hi, my name is Laurie I am a single mom of three kids that just got out of a very abusive relationship. I am selling everything I own and leaving this state. I can not escape him here. I have a small town I am trying to move to in order to remove my three beautiful girls away from the abuse as well. I have come to realize that by staying I have taught them that this is exceptable and it is not. I am coming to a cross roads with stress. I face it everyday at some points it seems truly easier to just give up on it all. Stay in this same situation and deal with the pain. Then as soon as I get my motivation back and I come back to my senses, Something else gets in my way. At this point it is almost an emotional spiral I fear I will not come back from. I am doing this all on my own as I always have and it is just getting to be to much. If nothing else thank you for letting me vent,

  • Kayti says:

    Please help me. I basically have the emotional capabilities of a teenager, the arguments of a child, and the honesty of a politician. I am a lying, immature, bratty, egocentric, wannabe-woman who always manipulates the world and people around her to get attention. Regardless the cost. These are not y words, nor the words of my family… But of my boyfriend of 5 years. He is my closest thing to family. Please help… I don’t want to be this. I never wanted to be this. Ever!!

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