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ON BIPOLAR DISORDER AND ALCOHOLISM An Interview Bill – “I’m an alcoholic, and I have bipolar mood disorder. Those are the two things that have influenced my life.” FIRST DRINKS “I started smoking pot around thirteen, and then fifteen was when I first drank. To start with it was recreational, just with friends. But with […]


ON BIPOLAR DISORDER An Interview Female – “It used to be called being ‘manic-depressive’, but in the last ten years or so (this interview was done in 2003) it’s been called Bipolar Disorder. I have Bipolar One, which is the most severe. They classify different gradations of severity on it now, there are levels two, […]

INTERVIEW: on Being ‘Slow’

ON BEING SLOW An Interview My very first interview had to be with my sister, I didn’t even consider anyone else. She knew that for years I’d been developing some project that was important to me, but she didn’t know what it was. She’s caring and giving and non-judging of these things, and I knew […]