Give Back Your Borrowed Mind

Are you still using the mind you were taught to have… or have you found your own? I remember years ago on one of my birthdays, my Dad opened his arms, said, “Happy Birthday, Bo (my family nickname)”, and stepped in to hug me. I put my hand on his chest and gently kept him […]

Clarity Is Home

Each and every thing is looking for its own unobstructed pathway, according to what it is. Everything wants to be what it is, show what it is, move and live according to what it is. If you toss a ball down a hill, the ball will follow this most basic of basic laws of the […]

Debrief Yourself

A mildly violent event happened near me last night later in the evening: I heard a vehicle keep starting then screeching to a sudden stop, starting and stopping, as it came up the street, and it finally came to a stop and parked right across the street from where I’m staying. I went out on […]