INTERVIEW: Sexual Abuse by a Relative

ON SEXUAL ABUSE An Interview This lady picked me up while I was hitch-hiking on my way to do another interview. She was well-spoken, well-educated, well-dressed and well-adjusted; a clean, kind-looking lady in a nice vehicle. She looked like anyone’s mom. Once I described this project, she was open and just started to talk; I […]

INTERVIEW: Child Abuse, And A Compassionate Mind

CHILD NEGLECT AND ABUSE An Interview When we began this interview, she suggested we should talk about a certain topic she had in mind, something she thought would help more people than the one we ended up discussing. I felt her deep desire to help others – she is a wonderful person that way – […]

INTERVIEW: Child Abuse – Physical, Sexual, Emotional.

ON BEING ABUSED AS A CHILD An Interview I met this lady as she was visiting the hotel I’ve been staying at. She and her husband are calm, smiling people whose lives and joy revolve strongly around their young son. When I ran into them again while they were strolling along the beach walk, I […]